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Born from a desire to build a benevolent and community based response to assist the most vulnerable in our society 

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Times are understandably tight for everyone at the moment and the perception of value is more important than ever before. Trust in charities and fundraising organisations has been eroded in many instances and the discerning donor demands more, often with no idea where their hard-earned, tax paid money is headed. Therefore it’s important to not just address the symptoms of charitable reluctance, but to focus on the cause and offer tangible, achievable solutions.

Overwhelmingly on asking, we’ve discovered that people want to help.  It is our belief that people are inherently good and this has been our most consistent finding to date.  However, people are becoming more judicious. We started to ask more specific questions and ultimately developed an additional way to lend a hand. 

Fundamentally, ListWish offers a way of engaging with potential donors, making them feel like they really are a part of the campaign and not just blindly giving a donation, the destination of which can sometimes be perceived as a mystery! By taking the donor along with us on the journey with full transparency, ListWish can and will be there every step of the way to help you in various ways (you choose how much or little you want us to be involved) – through launch, an ongoing campaign, providing support, content and even training.

We can focus on the things that are most important for you, to ensure we maximise donations for your cause or organisation.  It’s hugely important from our experience that we work closely with you to ensure we best represent your worthy cause(s) and we look forward to developing a bespoke and new, motivating way to lend a hand.

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The EYOT Centre

We had to close for a whole year and lost out financially because of it! We are in desperate need of help to get our Eyot Centre to where it needs to be!

Simon Lewis (one of our DofE parents) has created a website “Listwish” to help you think about where you want your donation to go!  When you next see Simon and the ListWish team around, be sure to give them an air hug or hi-five, to say thanks! The Eyot Management Committee are really grateful to them!

Lubna Hameed


This is not an exclusive list; contact us below if you would like more information

Made to measure campaign management, based upon what our user’s requirements might be.  We can also offer website solutions, social media support and like to ensure that we are complimentary to what our user’s needs might be.

It is our experience that this is often the case, especially when you’re busy or don’t have a dedicated fundraising person/team.  We’re happy to meet with you and have an informal, candid chat to see if we can help – and if you don’t think we’re right for you now, that’s fine of course – we believe there’s no such thing as a wasted meeting.

NO!  What we offer should be complimentary to what you’re already doing – it’s really important to us that your existing fundraising is championed – we are simply offering to help out in parallel with what you might be already doing.

That’s often a primary reason why you might need us to lend a hand – from experience, organisations just don’t have the time or capacity to prioritise fundraising – other than essential set up meetings (and we will be as flexible as you need us to be), we will work on everything in the background on your behalf as we agree is mutually suitable.

There is no hidden catch.  Following on from personal illness and our experience of the community rallying round to help us (Simon and Miranda), we have set up ListWish to give back.  We build any website/online offering and manage your fundraising campaign for free.  If we don’t raise any money for you, we don’t take anything from you!

We don’t. Our payment platform will be set up to be paid directly into your organisation’s bank account.

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